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Our company ISAAKIDIS S.A. during the 30 years of an important presence in the Greek Market, has achieved a great success and has gained the admiration and the confidence of it's customers. ISAAKIDIS S.A., is an exclusive representative in some of the biggest Companies in Europe, with frequent imports to satisfy the immediate needs of it's customers.
Some of the companies, which represents are the following:

LINDAB RAINLINE: An effective and safe roof drainage system, includes gutters, downpipes and fittings in various colours and sizes. Easy to install with just a click.

KLÖBER: Skylights new generation. A universal roof skylight that suits most, makes a roof tile and slate. Roof Ventilation systems, Stand-On-Solar systems, complete range of top quality fittings, modern design, perfect sealing.

TELESTEPS: A telescopic ladder with a patented design that’s safe and far smarter to work with.

MINKA: Loft Folding ladders.

AXEL: Italian Roof windows with double glass, anodize aluminium and wood inside.

RHEINZINK: Titanium Zinc for roofing and wall cladding.

FRICKE: Copper sheets for roofing and wall cladding

FLENDER FLUX: Special mounting for solar panel, suitable for Solar systems, based on the existing tile
ISAAKIDIS S.A. the last few years has been activated in Stainless Steel Systems and connectors.
The companies, which are represented, are the following:

JAKOB: Stainless steel systems of suspension - cable nets, with wire ropes products and connectors for an unlimited range of applications.

CARL STAHL - POSILOCK: High design system with cable tensioning system which can be configured to suit most in every application while satisfying safety and budget requirements.

SERAFINI: Stainless steel indoor and outdoor lights, letterboxes, bathroom accessories.

NGLEGLAS: Stainless steel systems for glass supports

INOXDESIGN: Stainless steel railings, balustrade. The stainless steel systems, which are mentioned above, are considered products of high quality and resistance and will surpass any attempt to be compared to other corresponding products. The product?s aesthetics and irreproachable functionalism gives it the ability to easily be used in interior as well as exterior places
The company's goal is to always be informed and observe very closely all developments that take place in the European Market evolving roof and decorative systems.
HEAD OFFICE: G. THEOTOKA 1, 54621 THESSALONIKI TEL: +302310285171 - +302310264822, FAX :+302310263744

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