HB Model Central pivot opening windows

HB is a very well equipped center pivot window with hinges located in the middle of thewindow height. It has an easy operation thanks to the use of handle positioned on the lower part of the sash. The sash when rotated is supported by a groundbreaking supple mentary mechanism, which allows you to leave the window open in any position.


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Suitable for roof pitches between 15° and 80°

Fir wood with "Quality-Time" treatment finishing colours available (honey, classic nut, while lacquer)
Double glass with air space
Double glass 4 - 15 - 4
External finishing and pre-varnished aluminium dark brown.

ΗΒ16 ΗΒ13 ΗΒ9 ΗΒ18 ΗΒ20 ΗΒ5 ΗΒ22 ΗΒ12 ΗΒ15 ΗΒ4 ΗΒ10 ΗΒ8 ΗΒ14
48x98 55x78 55x98 66x88 66x118 78x98 78x118 78x140 94x55 94x98 94x140 114x119 134x78

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