Model BHLX side opening

The BHLX window  side opening is obtained through two gas springs, their force is adjusted in order to follow the frame with graduality and to allow two opening positions. The transom opening eliminates the problem of the frame becoming an encumbrance in the interior space, therefore the window BHLX is particulary indicated when is positioned in the low part of the roof.

The anodized aluminium closure handle is positioned at the lower part of the window and equipped with a double hook-up, it is possible to create a minimum of ventilation even with the window closed, which is useful in reducing condensation build-up on the glass. BHLX provides remarkable thermal insulation because it is lined all around the perimeter.

For pitches  15° - 55°

Fir wood with "Quality-Time" treatment finishing colours available (honey, classic nut, while lacquer)
Double glass with air space
External finishing and pre-varnished aluminium dark brown.

55X98 78x98

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