Rainwater Systems

Lindab Rainline is a truly complete system. With gutters in four dimensions, down pipes in five dimensions and an extensive range of components, the system offers solutions for any type of building, large or small, classic or contemporary.

Lindab Rainline In A Nutshell

Highest Quality

Smart System

durable and flexible
a complete range of components
easy to install
snap-in fitting
a variety of colours

Lindab Rainline is the rain-drainage system that offers the highest quality, when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation.

Made of steel
Steel made to last
Galvanized steel sheeting

Thanks to its smart design, Lindab Rainline has become the preferred roof drainage system by many tinsmiths. Its unique hand-in-glove fit and overall quality guarantees quick installation and a high functionality, for decades to come.

Superior snap-in fitting
Complies with existing standards

Extra durable high build polyester paint

The Lindab Rainline system is available in antique white, dark red, brown, dark grey and black colours. All are weatherproofed with extra durable paint, with an attractive and elegant finish. Also are available in metallic colours like silver and copper metallic. The Rainline items are available in copper quality, satisfy the most difficult architectural and aesthetically needs.

Rainwater Systems Inspiration brochure
 Gutter accessories

A wide range of  accessories are available including fascia, rafter brackets, stop ends, jointers, corner pieces and outlets, Overflow Protectors diameters from 75mm – 120mm


Downpipe accessories

A wide  range of  accessories are available including joint sockets, adjustable branches, large Square Hopper,  rodding eyes, one piece bends, shoes, fold out shoes, leaf traps, drain traps, gulley adapters, pipe clips.

Pipes: From 75mm – 120mm diameter

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