Fastening Technique

Fastening Technique Bierbach products are developed in close cooperation with users, architects and structural engineers. Customer requirements and requests have top priority at Bierbach: right from the first contact with the Bierbach research team through the subsequent stages of construction by CAD upto the first sample presentation. The following process of series production in each of the three different manufacturing divisions for wire, sheet metal and plastic material is accomplished on time and power saving, computer controlled production units ensuring a constant high level of quality. For all of the Bierbach products the highest level of raw material quality and engineering precision is imperative: our in-house materials laboratory controlls for example the structural texture and strength of the semi-finished products, and the optical devices ensure an automatic controll of accuracy allowing for a 100 % fault separation. Also for these reasons Bierbach has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 for its qualified management as one of the first companies of its branch

Fastening Technique
Technologry Timber Assembling
Screw Technology
Nail Technology
Powder actuated fastening technology

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