Permo® air-open and vapour-permeable underlays

Permo sec is a vapour permeable waterproofing barrier that is installed as a separating layer between copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel standing seam roof finishes and the supporting deck.

permo sec permo sec permo sec

Outer layer of polypropylene mesh bonded to a vapour permeable membrane. 5 layer fleece foil combination
of polyolefin, hydrophobic treatment and PP monofilament mesh.

The product is laid between the timber deck/insulation and the outer metal roof covering and can either be laid horizontally or vertically and is fixed using non-ferrous staples or flat head clout nails on the overlap. Permo sec should be laid in accordance with our full installation instructions.


Technical data
Thickness 8.5 mm
Weight, EN 1849-2 550 g/m2
Water vapour transmission sd-Value, EN 12572 0,03 m
Water column, EN 20811 >3000 mm
Resistance to water penetration, EN 1928 W1
Resistance to air penetration <0,1 m3/m2 h 50 Pa
Reaction to fire, EN 13501-1, EN 11925-2 Ε
Resistance to temperature - 30 °C έως + 100 °C
Melting point 200 ° C
UV exposure EN 13859-1 4 months
Acoustic damping value 8db

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