Telescopic ladders Telesteps


Anyone can make a long ladder. We think that you’re far better off with a compact one. A ladder you can carry with one hand and transport in any car you like. A ladder you can fit in the lift, rather than having to negotiate tricky stairways. A telescopic ladder with a patented design that’s safe and far smarter to work with.


The Telesteps Rescue Line is the fist telescopic ladder in the world where 3 people can use the ladder at the same time. It is the 2nd generation of telescopic ladders from Telesteps with the revolutionary triangular tube design. This makes the ladders stronger and more torsionally rigid than ever before.


Prime is the first telescopic ladder with a triangular tube design, making the ladder torsionally rigid and stronger than ever before. The ladder is designed be used in 75 degrees leaning angle and with the wide, angled and grooved steps that are horizontal with the ground also mean that you can feel safe at all times

Telescopic ladders COMBI LINE

When you need to stand on the ladder for longer periods of time, where ergonomic features are of importance for maximum comfort and safety – The Combi ladder is the friend for you! Whether it is height, stability or long days of work – the Combi ladder will not let you down, it will always keep you up!

Telescopic ECO LINE

Simple locking system with only two buttons. Big and small yet simple and user friendly to use with no compromise in quality or safety. The Eco Line has the elegant air-damping system built in to minimize squeezing fingers and for a controlled closing of the ladder. It is not only safe but makes the ladder easier to use at the same time. Safe, functional and easy to carry with you – The Friend for Your Home!

Telescopic Platform SOLID LINE

The platform can be adjusted to the optimal height to fit your needs. It is small and compact for storage and transportation and with the telescopic function the platform is perfect in small spaces.

Telescopic LOFT LINE

While conventional loftladders have to be folded and stored in the attic, the Telesteps collapsible loftladder is hidden away in the ceiling. Itís an elegant and incredibly compact loftladder that saves you attic space and fits into a very small hatch opening. Itís available in several models for different ceiling heights.

Διαστάσεις ανοίγματος 52 x 110 cm για ύψος 3,00

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