Preparing the surface that you are going to treat is much more important than you would imagine. If you don’t do any preparation or fail to do it correctly, the final results can turn out to be unexpected and not as you were anticipating. This is because the oxide-activating elements can react very differently to an unprepared or poorly prepared surface, versus surfaces that have been well prepared.

Better results will be achieved on a clean and properly pre-treated surface, resulting in a much more uniform and homogeneous oxidation process.

act-COR Rust activator

act-COR oxide activator can achieve oxidation of metallic surfaces such as steel or corten steel in record time, with the best results guaranteed, in a controlled manner and with maximum efficiency. The product is safe to use, it is a water-based solution containing oxide derivatives, and initiates oxidation only on the outer surface layer of the steel.

bp-COR Stopping Bath

This water-based product is used to stop the oxidation process that has been brought about by our act-COR oxide activator. It is called “stop bath” because originally, when pieces of corten steel had been oxidized, in order to stop or halt the oxidation process, they were submerged in a bucket “giving them a bath” and were then taken out to dry.

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