Leaders in professional roof ventilation and accessory products

Klöber is a leading manufacturer of high-quality universal roofing ventilation and accessory products.

• Roofing underlays, wall membranes, vapour control layers and tapes
• Dry fix, eaves and valleys
• Prismax® daylight roofing
• Trapac® snow and safety
• Venduct® tile and slate vents
• Flavent® flat roofing

Klöber is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its customers and partners, working together to understand market requirements to help design and develop new, fit-for purpose products whilst continuing to improve its existing range.

Prismax Acrylic Roof Tiles

Klöber’s Prismax daylight tiles create a bright and friendly atmosphere. They’re the simplest remedy for dark
lofts, barn roofs, foyers and car ports.

Aerial sleeve universal

Aerial Sleeve are incorporated into this snug-fitting and robust unit for aerials and satellite receiver masts. Can be installed on all pitched roofs with conventional tiles and colors, even slate, corrugated roofing and on metal fold roofs made of copper, zinc, aluminum or stainless steel.

venduct universal

venduct universal with proof cap, blends perfectly with the roof design and fits snugly onto any roof style. High quality special PVC, a perfect fit, non-fade colour to match your roof, combine to quarantee a professional finish.Adjustable to any roof pitch from 20°-50°.Resistant to UV rays, unaffected by extreme heat. Completely watertight due to uncomplicated design and precise manufacture. Frostproof due to the use of chemical tougheners but still extremely durable.

Trapac Tile and Snow Guard

Trapac® Tile & Snow Guard is the universal answer for preventing slipping snow and tiles on pitched roofs. The support brackets are suitable for installation with fl at and profiled concrete interlocking tiles. They are lightweight and easy to fit, without the need for an additional support batten.  The Guard can be connected together using Connectors.

Trapac walkway

Trapac® Walkway allows work to be carried out more safely on the roof. Available in 4 colours to blend in with the roof, they suit concrete, clay, slate or fibre cement roof. Lengths can also be joined to make longer walkways.


High quality Flexipipe with quick push fit for connecting to 100mm (4") internal ducting. The 100mm flexipipe is for use with the Small Slate Vent with downpipe

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