RHEINZINK is an alloy of electrolytically refined zinc with a 99.995% degree of purity and accurately defined parts of copper and titanium. In a single continuous operation, the raw material is melted, cast and wound onto steel coils.  The quality of the material is consistent and flawless.  These coils are used in further processing as universal source material, to produce high-quality products for the RHEINZINK-roof drainage program and to produce finished parts, for roofing and facade cladding, including building profiles. RHEINZINK is available in a "bright-rolled" finish and as a ready-to-use "preweathered" material with a typical blue-grey or graphite-grey appearance.

RHEINZINK - Facade Systems

The facade is the face of a building. With RHEINZINK it becomes the visiting card of the architectural design. A comprehensive system package from RHEINZINK will impress with its variety and cater for more or less all architectural styles. Facade cladding from RHEINZINK has a timeless beauty, is completely maintenance-free and will offer reliable protection for generations.

RHEINZINK - Roof Covering Systems

Made to last for generations – maintenance-free – durable – sustainable. Zinc has been used for roofing for over 150 years. For decades it has been the preferred choice for roofs all over the world in the form of RHEINZINK. This natural material has traced a prestigious course for almost half a century.

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