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Catalog Basic 6
1. Stainless steel stranded wire ropes

Stainless steel stranded wire and wire ropes. Material: AISI 316


02. Swaged external threads

Swaged external threads ends, Univiss external threads ends, Screwed external thread ends, screwed external thread swivel ends, Turnbuckle with swaged external ends.

05. Internal Threads

Swaged internal thread ends, Screwed internal thread ends, swaged internal thread swivil ends, Screwed internal thread swivel ends, Tensioning screw with swaged internal thread ends,

06. End stops

Swaged end stop, Swaged countersunk head 90° end stop, Swaged radius head end stop, Unistop Radiused head,  Light 2-part clamp ring, 2-part clamp ring.

07. Angled post fittings

Post fittings for external threads, Post fittings for countersunk head 90° end stops, Post fittings for unistop countersunk head 90° end stops, Post fitting for 2-part clamp ring, flat post, round post. Material AISI 316

08. Spherical post fittings VARIBALL

Spherical post fittings Material Aisi 316, Variball MKI, Variball MKII, Variball MKIII, Variball MKIV, Variball countersun MILL

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