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Inox Design was founded by the brothers Alex and Günther Taschler with its headquarters in Welsberg in South Tyrol Italy and sets itself apart through a cutting-edge fleet of machines, short channels for decision making and a high level of flexibility.

With know-how and commitment, our dedicated employees at Inox Design ensure that our stainless steel products have a high processing quality and through our specialisation in there area of stainless steel processing, we were able to achieve a high level of recognition in the industry.

And we keep growing. Thanks to these highly qualified employees, day after day we are able to convince architects, individuals as well as public customers about the quality of our services and on-time work. Get to know us and see for yourself!

For design, that is a reason for excitement. Even unusual requests can be achieved. That is because special products and individual models are possible with no problem. From planning and 3-D simulation through production, assembly and installation

Quality ISO und SOA Certificate

The certification body SWISO GmbH hereby endorses the quality management certificate in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000

Catalog Inoxdesign v4.01
Fixing components
Reinforcement parts for vertical and horizontal installation. The parts include holders for crosses, spacers, pins and elbows.
Fitting and Elbows
A range of elbows, ‘T’ sections, tube connectors, wall fittings, adapters and adjustable tube holders for round tubes.
Glass holders
Glass holders can be installed on curved and flat surfaces. Varying in shape and size, suiting various thicknesses of glass they can be supplied in finishes such as zinc, satin, mirror and painted.
Handrail supports
Handrail holders for banisters with the flexibility to be fit to most surfaces.
Tube plugs and Tube - ball ends
A range of end caps to suit circular, square and rectangular tubes, including shaped, such as pyramid, domed and flat. Stainless steel knobs can be used for closures. Available with a finish or unpolished, and with or without a threaded hole.

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