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The Jakob® INOX LINE Webnet is a custom-manufactured, premium-quality product that is highly compatible with creative contemporary architecture. As part of our extensive, easy-to assemble structural wire-rope series, it is ideal for flexible, intelligent solutions that address a vast variety of requirements: the multifunctional Jakob® INOX LINE Webnet technology combined with stainless steel rope, rods, or tubes with appropriate end connectors (Jakob® INOX LINE Basic 5.1 Green Solutions G1, and News X catalogues) not only discreetly fulfills its functions as a protective and supporting structure but also provides appeal as an elegant spatial design element.

Κτίριο γραφείων στην Αθήνα  Ξενοδοχείο στη Σκιάθο Ξενοδοχείο στη Σκιάθο
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The Jakob® INOX LINE Webnet has the skin-like characteristics of a diaphragm. It can form a plane surface but can also be tensioned into threedimensional forms featuring funnel-type, cylindrical, or spherical shapes.
Jakob® INOX LINE, the original:

filigreed, discreet, elegant, flexible
multifunctional, compatible with creative architecture
premium quality, rugged, weather-resistant, non-corroding

Οριζόντιο δικτύωμα
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